Been Busy

Rachel and I are definitely winter people. That being said with the recent onset of winter in Rochester, you’ll understand why we haven’t been posting. We’ve been snowmobiling quite a bit, we tried out snowshoeing a few days ago (and loved it). We’ll also be skiing / snowboarding next weekend.

On top of that, the wedding plans and the remodeling effort… lots of fun but no time.

What Matters Most

I’ve had the following two Quotes on my whiteboard at work for about a year. I like em.

“What matters most is how you see yourself.”

“You are not what you are born, but what you have it in yourself to be.”

A Few Things

1. Snow
Where the F expletive deleted is it? Ok sure it snowed today but fairport only saw a dusting and my parents place got only a few inches. What they did get is fluff not enough to really ride (snowmobile) on. AND to top it off the rest of this week it’s going to be in the 40’s. I was calculating the other day and my snowmobile has cost me somewhere around $15 dollars per mile ridden not counting gasoline (which at 10 miles to the gallon and 3 dollars per gallon out on the trails…. adds up quite a lot). Let’s figure that in real quick shall we? just for fun…Ok so the gasoline has really only added 33cents per mile but still!!!!???

Thank ‘YOU’ global warming! (for those of you who get the Chuck Norris reference)

2. Goals

I’ve decided to start keeping track of my personal goals. This is my first post on the subject and I will most likely expand upon it later. I think the system society forces you into of working your whole life and saving everything you can so that you can enjoy that last 5% of your life is retarded. That being said, i’m going to try to ‘screw the system’ so to speak. Steps to completion:

– Gain 100% financial independence.
This means no loans, no debt. all transactions paid for with cash (where appropriate). Not to say that i’m really that far off, but a car, student loans and a house all subtract from that
– Retire after 10 years. This may seem impossible but i’m already taking steps to make this a possibility. Rental property being one of my key proponents.
– Learn to Fly. No not by flapping my featherless wings. I’m not on LSD don’t worry. I mean with a plane. Its something I’ve always been interested in but the barriers to entrance are large. lots of time with an instructor which means lots of money. given step 1 and 2 this shouldn’t be as large of a problem as it is now.
– Buy a (pontoon) Plane. This may seem silly to you if Flying is just a weekend Hobby but see what i want to do next…
– Start a Shipping Company that runs cargo to northern Canada. by now some of you are probably thinking I’m off the handle. That may be so. Even more so when I tell you I want to do this in the dead of winter and north of the Arctic Circle if there’s anyone up there.
– Buy a professional (DSLR) camera setup with some very high mm lenses. This will be what I use for wildlife/nature photography on the trips north. Lately Photography has become sort of a hobby and I’d really like to make use of that. Plus it’ll keep me from getting bored on the long long flights.

So that’s it. Now you know at least part of my crazy plans. Maybe you can help make it happen? Maybe you know some people you can get me in touch with to help it along? Maybe you think I’m absolutely crazy and will never talk to me again because of these crazy ravings? Who knows?

To sum it all up: This “working for the other guy” BS is crazy and I cant believe so many people just put up with it. I’ve got 3 ideas for companies (well 4 really but the 4th I’ll talk about some other time) and I just wish I had some capital to get it all started. I’ve started on the 1st (Real Estate/Rental) and I’m going to look into classes to start on the 2nd (photography).

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy!

Last night we went out with some friends. Started at Monty’s corner but ended up at Daisy Dukes. The guy that owns Daisy Dukes, Soho, A Street Live and the couple others around there must be making a fortune. I have never been in that place when its not packed so tight you feel like a bunch of sardines. Anyway Brian walked up to some Random girl and said he’d ride the Bull if she’d ride it with him. Here’s what happened:

5 months 4 days and counting

Long engagements are lots of fun. Referring to your man as “My fiancé this and my fiancé that”. Relax; take your time to plan out all those little details. I mean I’ve got a whole year to plan anyways, right? WRONG!

My biggest realization this New Years was “Holy shit I’m getting married in 5 months!” Don’t get me wrong I’m supper excited but 5 months! I mean we do have most of the important stuff done…sort of. I don’t have the jitters about getting married in that there is no doubt, but the planning stuff not so much. I’m definitely not the bridezilla type who has to have everything perfect, jotted down in her little notebook ready to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who mistakenly uses buttercream frosting on her wedding cake instead of whipped. I know how I want things to go down; I’m just not in the planning mood yet. Running around and calling this person and that, where did you put Aunt Millies mailing address, that sort of thing, not my cup of tea. Do you think there are wedding planners who work pro bono?