Contractors vs Content

A coworker recently told me a story about a previous project he was on. Quite typical of any Big Company.

I had a project manager that had some money in her project budget that needed to be spent…it’s around October time so she’s really starting to look for ways…the project is delayed because we can’t get content from the providers (we were converting from their format to ours). She says “I’ve got money in our project that we could use for contractors to help with development.” I said we don’t need developers, we need content. She says “well, we’ve got the money so why not hire some contractors?” I replied that I don’t have anything for contractors to do. she then asks “well, let’s say we get a contractor or 2…what would you have them do?” I’m sitting there looking at this woman thinking she’s either f-ed in the head or deaf and say “I’d buy them airline tickets to Australia and have them go get us the content”…the meeting ended shortly thereafter

Behind every argument is someone‚Äôs ignorance

NOTE: Some of the internal links in this post are now dead. The pages they refer to no longer exist so they cannot be fixed.

Yesterday I decided that since I’m going the WordPress route I might as well migrate all of my old stuff from websites in the past. I began moving some things but I can’t decide how I want to deal with most of it. For the time being i’ve created a Quotes page and some sub pages. I can’t seem to figure out how to make Pages search-able, If that doesn’t happen they may not stay a Page. I also added some cigarette facts.
Friday on my walk to the parking garage from work I saw a Red Stripe bottle laying on the sidewalk. It made me think of some funny commercials I saw a while back. I couldn’t find a listing of them together so I created my own.

If you want to see Old Grandma Hardcore kicking ass and taking names in Resistance: Fall of Man check out the following video:

WPG2 and K2

So you’re all aware of why the site is going through so many changes, We’re Working on implementing a new Theme called K2 which is completely customizable and built on Ajax. The reason we’re making the switch is so we can utilize WPG2 to embed our gallery2 photo album.

UPDATE: K2 along with WPG2 and gallery2 has now been abandoned.

When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time

Mr Light Blue

Yesterday Rachel and I went to go see the Puppies again. They’re getting Huge! I think we’ve picked out the one we want. Rachel and I both like “Mr Light Blue.” Maybe I’ll setup a poll to let people pick which puppy they think we should get. We still need to decide on a name. If you have suggestions let us know.

Matt showed a few coworkers and myself two cool things to fight off SPAM. A feature built into all E-mail servers and a new telephone service. Both of which if implemented properly will significantly reduce the amount of SPAM you’ll get.The following E-mail addresses are all equivalent:


Start only handing out E-mail addresses with +___ in them. This allows you to filter the incoming E-mails very easily, see where a lot of your spam is coming from (aka who’s selling it) and maybe take some actions in that regard.

Grand Central is a free telephone forwarding service that you can use as your own personal phone screener. One of my favorite features is the ability to send all incoming phone calls for anyone you don’t already know to voicemail. If you do want to take all phone calls, people you don’t know are prompted for their name and you are given several options before ever talking to them. The available options include recording the conversation, sending it to voicemail (and listening in) or simply taking the call. Check it out it’s really slick.

According to PC World the 50 Most Important People on the Web.

If you like to browse Blog’s In the WordPress development Blog‘s most recent post they listed the speakers of the SxSW this weekend. I started browsing a few of them. Some are very interesting, I’ll post my favorites later.

I’ve said for a while that the next car I buy is either going to have built in GPS or i’m going to build a computer (with GPS) to put in the car. It looks like BMW is getting it right. Check out their latest onboard computer, its pretty sweet:

I’ve always kept track of a lot of websites and with RSS it certainly makes it nicer. However I never found an RSS Reader that I really liked. Recently a friend alerted me to Google’s Reader. I’ve started importing RSS feeds that I like to keep an eye on and it’s pretty nice. However I found that it means there’s just another site I have to go to to see if anything new has happened. I did some googling and found a Google Reader Notifier Extension for Firefox. Seem’s to be exactly what I wanted.

I added a Wedding page to the site. At the moment it just contains a count down timer. We’ll add more relevent info later like time/date/place/photographer/dj/honeymoon/hotel suggestions/etc.

Rachel and I will be in Buffalo for St Patricks day. We’re going to see Piebald. They’re kicking off a new tour starting in Buffalo and Rachel’s friend Allison knows them. We’re tagging along and we might even get to meet the band. Pretty sweet. If you want to listen to some of their stuff take a look click here.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory

Uncle Jerry's Senior Photo

Aunt Pauline's

About a year ago I started a major project. The digital archiving of all my parents old photo albums. It’s a slow and painful process but often times very rewarding. I have been rather busy lately but for some reason today I decided to scan an album or two. I happened across 2 pictures of some importance. One of my uncle Jerry and another of my Aunt Pauline. Both of which I think may be their Senior pictures. The reason I think this is because they both look very nice and on the back of my Aunt Pauline’s picture it says her age at the time is 18. It’s amazing how much they still look the same even after more than 40 years.

With all the recent talk of alternative transportation and some of the photographs I found, it made me think about how things have changed so much already, but not as far as they said they would. In the 50’s people were claiming we’d be driving Nuclear powered cars. The 60’s gave us The Jetsons. What happened to all of the promises? Well as far as the Nuclear car goes, experiments soon led us to understand that even if it were possible it wouldn’t be safe. As far as the Flying car goes, I’ll let Dante and Randal explain:

Watching the video again made me think about what did happen to the flying car so I did some googling and came up with Urban Aeronautics. Seems crazy and a bit far fetched doesn’t it? I thought so to so I did some digging and their X-Hawk seems legit. Check it out. There actually seems to be quite a few examples so the flying car may not be as far off as it seems.

I can resist everything except temptation

Snowmobile Club Ride

Sunday Rachel and I participated in a club ride with Canaltown Snowmobilers Inc and a total of 33 sleds. We hit snow in Williamson which made the trails good but the visibility poor. It eventually stopped once We reached the Steger Haus Restaurant. The Steger Haus was our final destination in Sodus for some rest and some drinks. We then proceeded back to the Hosbach’s house in Marion for some Hot dogs and Hamburgers where we met Haley. She’s a very playful and energetic 5 year old retriever. At the end of the day Rachel and I had rode about 60 miles which isn’t bad for riding around home.

Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers

Last night we went to The Old Toad for a few drinks with some friends. I love that place, probably my favorite bar in Rochester. I tried a new beer ‘Old Chub’ It was pretty good, served like Guinness it was a bit dark and heavy but those are the kind I like.

Londons Puppies

This morning Rachel and I went over to see the Pups again. They’re getting huge! we think they doubled in size since the last time we saw them and its only been 2 weeks.

I found out that Greg is providing a public service. Completely random and unexpected.