Adventure must start with running away from home

On their way

This morning I woke up before dawn to take my parents to the airport for their first trip together ever. I know that sounds strange but you have to understand, They have three only children. They’ve basically been raising kids for the past 40+ years. Every vacation they’ve taken has been either with or for their kids.

In fact my parents are responsible for making me want to travel so much. For at least 10 days every summer(often longer) my parents would ship us off to some location for a family camping trip. We didn’t always go far, sometimes we’d just go to places nearby like Oneida Lake or Letchworth State Park. Other times we’d trek cross country to Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone National Park.

My parents gave up a lot while we were growing up. They’ve had this trip scheduled for almost a year and it wasn’t until 3 days ago I learned that this would be the first vacation they had taken together (alone), or even the first time they’d flown together. It’s funny the way people assume you realize or know things just because its what they consider common knowledge.

Thanks Mom and Dad, I owe you a lot.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Gasoline 1, Bon Fire 0

Rachel and I have been up to a lot lately. For the 4th I ended up going to my friend Anthony’s for some fireworks and some general crazy pyro behavior. One bon fire lit with gasoline and a roman candle another lit with a gasoline trail.

Saturday I went fishing with Anthony and his father in Fairhaven bay. When I got home Rachel had steak, salt potatoes, corn and beer waiting. Yeah, she’s that awesome.

A Joust

Sunday we took our annual trip to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. On the way we got to see an awesome lightning storm. I wish I had my tripod it would have been perfect. The lightning started out at the horizon and then we drove right through it. While there we saw a few shows we weren’t able to catch last year but was overall uneventful. We have determined the next time we go will be with people that have not been yet, and we’ll probably dress up.