Don’t mess with the dead, they have eerie powers


I was walking into the parking garage on my way home tonight when I noticed a whole bunch of these creepy looking spiders setting up some webs right next to the doorway. I have no idea what they are but they look nasty.

Mr Moth

Then I was walking down the stairs to the lower level and noticed this guy just sitting there.

It made me think about how many different insects and other creepy crawlies must be lurking in all the dark corners and crevices of the garage. As soon as I started thinking about that I wanted out! maybe it is time to start riding the bus…


I often hear humorous stories at work (and even participate in certain circumstances) and always intend on sharing them with people. It never turns out that way though, I either forget or lack the motivation to use my extremely limited artistic ability to create the appropriate representation. Today I ran across Strip Generator which allows you to create a comic very easily. They have many baked in characters, objects, shapes and so on which allows you to throw together a comic in literally seconds. I took the opportunity to share this little story I heard from a coworker


I would rather beat the Yankees regularly than pitch a no hit game.

Frontier Field

We saw the Yankees Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Farm Team play the Rochester Red Wings at Frontier Field tonight. The company my dad works for was having their annual Red Wings outing where everyone gets food, drinks and decent seats at the game. It’s always a good time and this year was no exception. Rachel and I went with my parents and my niece Cassandra. Unfortunately the Red Wings Lost, but don’t worry, we’re going back again tomorrow and they’re sure to win then!

Yankees Farm Team at Rochester Red Wings

Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts

Greg and Amy

We went to Our friends Greg and Amy wedding last weekend. They were married in the Seneca Park Zoo. It turned out beautiful, the weather was perfect, the park was closed so we were given full access to wander around. The scenery was gorgeous, the food was excellent and they certainly put on a good party. Now, after a very lax work week, Greg and Amy are enjoying themselves in Florida. Have fun Guys!


It has come to my attention that many people who watch this blog may not realize that I maintain another (more technical) blog. I don’t expect it to be interesting to everyone (or anyone really), I would just like to let everyone know that it exists.

My Blog

Photo Album Progress

With all the options out there it’s hard to determine what to do with your photos. Typically Rachel and I have created your standard photo albums where we print 4×6’s buy a book to put them in, organize and done. We wanted to do something a little different with our honeymoon photos and after looking at a few things available (scrap booking, scrap blogging, photo books, etc) we decided on a photobook.

The first few weeks after we got back we spent going over our (4,000+) photos with the hopes of creating a Best Of Album. This worked to eliminate a large majority of our pictures but after attempting to work with the best of album to create our photobook we realized even more needed to be eliminated and did so.

After trying several different photo book sites (snapfish, winkflash, shutterfly and a few others) we settled upon Picaboo. While it seems relatively new and unproven it had a client side application which you could download (rare in this day in age) and work with locally before uploading your finished book to purchase. There were many more layouts available than other sites had and the backgrounds are limitless since you can use your own photos (also something lacking in the other sites we looked at). Another unique feature is the ability to share your album online for free.

So without further delay we give you:

Our Honeymoon

Please keep in mind that it’s intended to be a table top book NOT a web-album.  With that in mind, if you see an odd picture and wonder why its in there chances are there’s a story or something we wanted to be able to share and you should ask us what’s up.