Wiiiiiiiiii bought one

Nintendo WiiSo ever since the Wii came out I’ve said that its nothing more than a controller. I still believe that to be true, and I find the actual console worthless.

So why did we buy one? Well, its complicated.

The first part of the answer is Sony’s fault. There’s just no games to play on the PS3. The second part of the answer is that Rachel and I can both play the Wii and have fun. The third part of the answer is simple, peer pressure.

In any event we have one now, so if you do and you want to friend us either contact us or join the Rochester Wii Group.

Peach Margaritas

Charles’ MargaritaSaturday my friend Charles and I went to lunch at a restaurant in Henrietta that I’d heard of but never been to, Seoul Garden where we had the privilege of paying extra to cook our own food. The food was absolutely excellent and so was the chef. It’s definitely a good destination for lunch with the work crew one of these days.

Emily and LizWe headed downtown after I heard my friend Emily was in town and she and Liz were going out. We met them at the Mex which I’d never been to before. It was a good time and we ended up hitting the Pig and Whistle as well as Monty’s corner.

All being told, a great night. I got to see a bunch of friends that I hadn’t hung out with in quite a while and Charles got to have his peach margarita.

Lutz vs Milton is No More

For those of you who did not go to RIT or did not have the opportunity to take classes with Professor Lutz you missed out. RIT had its very own Milton look-a-like (from Office Space). I saw him at the GENI talk on Friday and unfortunately Milton he is no more. He shaved his mustache and I must say he looks quite a bit different. If you haven’t seen it, what I believe to be the very first side by side comparison is below. This image is in fact how Professor Lutz (as well as the rest of the SE department) found out about his doppelgänger many years ago.

Milton or Lutz

And Now:

Professor Lutz

The Universe is wider than our views of it

Moon over ChurchThis Past Tuesday I was at work much later than usual. In fact this has been happening more often than I’d really like. Normally when I Leave its still very bright outside but lately Its been dusk or even dark by the time I leave. However; This has presented me with some unique opportunities.

I’m pretty sure its well known that I enjoy taking photos. I have been meaning to go downtown after dark or at dusk to get some great shots but have yet to do so because Court Street Bridge and Dinosaur Barbequeonce I get home I like to stay there. This week after work I took a few walks around snapping some shots. I’ll be taking my H5 soon so I can do some long-exposures.

Today I went to Dinosaur Barbeque for dinner with my long time friends Charles and Jason and his new(ish) wife Murray who both happen to be in town this week. It was good to see them both and great to finally meet Murray.

2 miles to go


29,998. That’s what my Odometer read today when I finally pulled into the car lot at Cortese. My Warranty conveniently runs out at 30,000. They say this is when stuff starts to happen. Maybe, but my current problem happened months ago and I just forgot to do anything about it until I was driving home from work today and realized.

holy crap I have 8 miles left on my warranty!

I’ve never cut anything so close in my life, except for maybe that time with the mailbox but that story is much more severe and for a different day. An electric problem for sure, this problem was just with my mirrors refusing to go up and down. I’m interested to see what money I saved by noticing my mileage today instead of tomorrow.

How much in our life happens purely by chance?

How much stuff that angers us happens purely by chance?

Would life be interesting at all without chance?

Thank you Everyone!

One and a half years of planning, four months of frenzy, a one day celebration and 2 weeks of relaxation… We did it!

Life as a married couple has been good to us so far. We’d just like to say a final thanks to everyone who made our wedding the most beautiful and blissful day a couple could wish for. Not to mention all the fun we had! We couldn’t ask for a better start to a long happy life together.

Special thanks go out to:

The Parents, without your love and support we wouldn’t have been able to do it at all

The Bridal Party Consisting of:

  • Lisa Jordan – Maid of Honor
  • Anthony Ventura – Best Man
  • Lisa Day
  • Miriam Cortez
  • Tess Hey
  • Jennifer Lehr
  • Brian Wilson
  • Charles Rich
  • Michael Heath
  • George Heath Jr

Claire Masten for her touching reading from 1st Corinthians

Elizabeth Fino-Radin from The Starry Strings Quartet for the beautiful violin

Annette Dragon for all the beautiful photography

Whirlin’ Disc DJ for getting everyone on the dance floor

Mike from The Burgundy Basin for making sure everything went smoothly

Phaedra Andalora from Liberty Travel for putting together our Honeymoon

Two Souls Join as One

Corey and Maggie Winters

This weekend Rachel and I attended Cory and Maggie’s wedding. Their ceremony was beautifully done, outside overlooking some fantastic scenery including some Great Blue Heron’s spreading their wings to soar above the trees in perfect wedding-time bliss!

The Joined Vase

Cory and Maggie added some splash of uniqueness (as most weddings tend to do) and one of our favorite moments was the combining of the sand vases into one. This was symbolism at its best and the ability to keep the result was the icing on the cake (or perhaps the sand in the vase?).

I was overly impressed with the vision of photographers on scene and their ability to setup poses. I’m sure they got some fantastic shots but I snapped some of my own which I thought I’d share so take a peek. The entire album is also available, some photos of which are interesting some of which are horribly bad but that’s because it was a learning experience. Overall the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
Corey and Maggie
Best wishes and all the best to Cory and Maggie Winters.

A Learning Experience

This weekend I borrowed my friend Ryan‘s camera to test the SLR waters again. While I absolutely love my H5 I have been toying with the idea of purchasing an SLR to push myself over the edge into the black (money) hole that is the hobby I so lovingly call (along with billions of other people…) photography. I had very good experience this weekend as Rachel and I attended Corey and Maggie’s wedding and I used Ryan’s camera while we were there. Through that experience I learned some very valuable lessons, some good and some bad.

The first lesson I learned was holy crap it’s fast! I could fire off several shots in the time it takes my camera to take one. Digital photography makes it super easy to take a bunch of photos and figure out the choice ones later and this made it even easier. This is great for situations like weddings since there is always inevitably someone closing their eyes at any given time.

The next lesson I learned is a harsh one although it turned out ok in the end. Check your settings! I had been playing the previous night with low light settings and had subsequently had the ISO setting at 800. I had forgotten all about this and shot the entire wedding and after-ceremony photos at this same setting. It wasn’t until I went to modify the ISO setting after going inside that I realized this. If I had done this on my H5 it would have been suicide, the photos would have been grainy beyond belief and would have required lots of post-processing which would have in turn dulled the photographs dramatically. Luckily the SLR handled the higher ISO setting just fine. It was slightly more grainy than I would have liked but none the less the photos were not ruined as I thought they might have been

I also learned something about photography in general, more closely tied to the profession than the hobby though. I noticed that I was taking shots of random little things that were happening like private hugs, tears etc that the real photographer wasn’t capturing. At first I wondered why this was and then I realized that they had a lot of stuff on their plate and even more to coordinate. Because they were staging and placing everyone, it left the other would-be photographers to do their stuff. I talked to one of the other people there (whom I thought was working with the hired photographer) and he told me that he much prefers going to weddings where he is simply the ‘friend photographer’ as apposed to the ‘hired photographer’ so that he is left alone to get his shots right instead of setting up poses. This allows for many more real and candid shots which I believe come out much nicer anyway. The lesson here? If you’re a photographer hired for a wedding, be sure to have 1 or 2 (at least) other photographers there at least during the formal portrait sessions.

Don’t Trust the Average Meter. I learned the hard way that the average meter is not the way to go, instead trust your instincts and keep it on ‘spot metering.’

I also learned that If I go down this path (which I fully believe I will now) I need three things right out the door.

  1. A camera body I recently came across a new canon, the 40D which I believed was my perfect camera (were I to go SLR). However; some other companies have also recently released new camera body’s that are in the range I’m looking for such as Sony and Nikon. I’ll need to do some more research before I decide on my camera body now, although I’m still leaning towards the Canon 40D.
  2. A flash which can be aimed – I can’t begin to list the number of times during the wedding (the reception especially) that I wanted to use the flash to add some light to a dark scene, but wanted to keep the ambient light and not add the harsh glare-tones that come with the built in flash.
  3. A high(ish) zoom lens – The lens that comes with the 40D kit is 28mm-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS. I’m not sure if this will be enough or not so I’ll have to play with it In store first. I do know that the 18-55mm lens I was using this weekend simply didn’t provide enough range for me. I realize that you get better results by adding multiple lenses to your arsenal and for some things this may be perfectly ok however for my preferred style of photography, and the randomness that comes along with weddings, it simply doesn’t work. It may come down to something like the 28-300mm Canon (which will increase the initial cost of this little venture quite a bit).

All in all I’d say a successful adventure and some good lessons learned. I’ve determined that I could definitely improve my photography with the addition of an SLR, now comes the hard part of researching and finally deciding.