Eugene de Salignac

Eugene de Salignac was the official photographer for the NYC Department of Bridges from 1906 to 1934. His collection of photographs was recently uncovered and, as it turns out, de Salignac was a great photographer and his photographs charted the progress of New York growing into a big city. The New Yorker has a slideshow of some of his photos and there was recently an exhibit of his work at the Museum of the City of New York.

Salignac Photo #1 Salignac Photo #2I wonder if there was a photographer that charted the progress of Rochester growing into a great city? I wonder if he also charted the progress of Rochester dying into the crime infested nothing it is today?

Some Hope In Todays World

Hoover DamSomething reminded me today of a story from when Rachel and I were at the Grand Canyon. Well, actually this particular story is from the Hoover Dam.

The parking at the Dam sucks. If you want to visit you need to park along the east side of the canyon. I’m sure you’re aware that the Dam is pretty large and as such, getting to the entrance (which happens to be on the west side of the canyon) is quite a hike from the parking lot(s).

We’d been camping in Williams Arizona for roughly a week at this point. I’d been faithfully (like the good ol’ boyscout I am) carrying my knife the whole trip. This particular day was no exception. As we walked up to the entrance there was a sign that stated, among other things:

No Knifes Allowed

Well crap. As I shuffled my way back to the walkway to take my knife back to the car, one of the many vendors setup outside the entrance called me over. She darted her eyes around to check if anyone was looking and said:

Act cool, just hand me your knife. When you come out give me 5 bucks and it’s yours again.

Thoroughly puzzled (and entirely not cool) I said “you mean you can’t just hold it for me.” After some more quick glances around she told me that this is government property and they’ll fine you if they catch you with them. She could get fined simply for holding them if they find out. “Ok, $5 is worth saving the walk” and I handed it over.

It’s a good thing I did. There are metal detectors right inside the entrance and we would have been up a creek. A gentleman got pulled aside ahead of us and shown a knife he had placed in the bucket before going through the machine. I’m not sure what happened (they were still there talking with the security guards as we left the room) but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

I paid my 5 bucks when we got out and the government was non the wiser.

Originally I was writing this thinking about the helpful actions of the woman vender. After writing it though I also realize that I’m also thankful for the actions of the security guard and their no knife policies.

Chase Cafe

Chas Building in Rochester NYToday while debating where to go for lunch my good friend Randy T mentioned a place I had never been before. The Chase Cafe. Its on the 2nd floor of the Chase building (pictured) in downtown Rochester. It reminds me of a smaller version of the Bausch & Lomb Cafe. A very nice thing about it was that it was quiet. It was completely out of the way, not very well advertised and practically hidden. Because of all of that, while the eating area was relatively large, there was only maybe 3 or 4 other groups there. The prices were decent too. I had Some sort of Mexican Tilapia with a side of vegitables and mac & cheese and a chocolate chip cookie all for $5.75. I think the Chase Cafe might become a new regular stop.

We’re always trying to figure out where to eat downtown and there’s really not that many good places. Some of our usual stops are:

  • The Pizza Stop – easily the best pizzaria in Rochester
  • Galleria – Chicago style pizza shop which serves wings and subs as well
  • The Stock Exchange – bar & gril
  • Wild Bar & Grill – chinese buffet
  • Dinosaur Barbequeue – A real honky tonk rib joint
  • Grill and Greens – wraps, salads and other sandwhiches (great chicken tenders)
  • Bausch & Lomb Cafe -lots of different food stations
  • Subway – sub shop

If anyone has any other ideas please let us know. We’re always looking for some new ones.

Mice, Dogs and Witches Oh My

Lenny KravitzLast Saturday we went to a Halloween party at our friend Corey’s old place. They had a joint party with their neighbors and we got to meet all sorts of people we’d never seen before. How fun. Just think, we won’t ever be able to recognize them again either because they were all in costume! I think Lenny Kravitz is the clear winner, with the Beastie Boys a close second. I lamed it up as a wireless router wearing my wifi detection shirt. Take a look at the gallery for the rest of everyone’s costumes.

From Blood to Wine

Red WineToday I lived up to my reputation as pure klutz. As some of you know Wegmans is in the progress of decorating for the holiday season (yes Christmas already). In order to decorate my area I needed to use a staple gun, however the only one I found was out of staples. I retrieved the staples and proceeded to put them in the gun. However; while splitting a row of staples in half my hand slipped and the staples caught the knuckle of my index finger. The cut was deep and I made an absolute mess of the craft room (sorry Becky). A numbed finger and 3 stitches later I was on my way home to nurse the wound.

Randy was feeling guilty because he wasn’t there to save me from the staple gun so we went out to eat with his mother and Kay, a friend from work. We went to the cheesecake factory where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine(easing my pain) with my thai chicken and keylime cheescake. While it was my 3rd trip to the cheescake factory it was Randy’s first and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience along with his pasta DaVinci and upside down pineapple cheescake.