Apparently there’s a new ad campaign for Rochester. I’m a fan.  The city of Rochester seems to be doing a lot of things right lately, and making a lot of improvements.

They’ve also started placing signs around town marking major land marks and important buildings in Rochester.  The signs also have an easy to understand system for navigating.  It splits the city into 4 quadrants each a different color.  The signs in the different quadrants match the color of the quadrant the sign is in.  It’s not much but it’s the little things that matter the most.

Mystery Candy

Our Christmas gift at work was pretty lame this year. They gave us orange reusable grocery bags with the company logo on it. Yes, exactly like the reusable Wegmans bags you can buy for $.99.

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Someone made the comment that it was supposed to be a Halloween present and they were just late. Not to be deterred in obtaining candy of any kind I hung it on the outside of my cube wall as a joke.

After a few days there was a lump. CANDY! Candy then started appearing fairly regularly. First a hotball, then some dum dums, a kit kat bar and now this…

I’m not really quite sure what to make of what appears to be homemade candy.

1 – I have no idea what it is
2 – I have no idea if it’s poisoned
3 – I have no idea who made it

Candy keeps appearing and as long as I know what it is and it’s sealed I’ll probably keep eating it (or giving it away).

If I knew who kept leaving it perhaps I’d say thanks… For now, anyone want some homemade candy?

Just Call Me Longshanks

A while ago I became pretty interested in Genealogy. I started searching around and talking to relatives. I’ve found out a lot of interesting things but probably the most interesting came from somewhere unexpected. The Mormons are apparently very into this stuff and keep track of it all. They have a website filled with genealogy records.

Although I can’t verify it (Yet!) It seems I may be a descendent of King Edward II. If you’re not sure who King Edward II was perhaps his father King Edward I (nicknamed LongShanks) might be more recognizable.


Yes the very same King Edward I from Braveheart. Apparently I have evil blood flowing through my veins. The same blood which killed William Wallace.

I’m Sorry 😦

Stripes and Banana

strips and bananaGrowing up, Stripes and Banana was the only way to eat Ice cream.  Banana is obvious, Stripes is more than just chocolate syrup.

It’s really quite simple.  You fill a coffee cup half full with Nestle’s quick.  Then you add water and mix until you get the desired consistency.  After, you just microwave it for about 30 seconds, Pour and eat up!

It’s somewhere between chocolate syrup and hot fudge if done properly but it’s better than both.

Mountains Snow and Four strokes

When we got to camp last night conditions were better than we could have hoped. Easily two feet of snow on the level and trails freshly groomed. Unfortunately it was midnight and -10 outside so we promptly hit the hay to prepare for the ride ahead.

This morning one of the other diamond sportsman club members (Chuck Ferrel) stopped by on their way to the Backwoods Inn (previously known as Hams).  After some chat about where they were headed we decided to join them.

If you do not see the slideshow above please visit The original Post

We were going right by Little Blue Mountain so we went on up the trail. I say this every time but it was the clearest I’ve ever seen it on top. Usually, if it’s clear, White Face Mountain is just visible through some haze. Today, there was no haze and White Face looked clear as could be.

There wasn’t as many people there as usual but on the way down we met a guy who was having problems getting his sled started. It was an Arctic Cat T660 four stroke with a dead battery and no pull start. No pull start!? Yep, seems since it’s a four stroke there’s too much compression to pull it over so they don’t even bother including one. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any of these sorts of sleds in my future. I wouldn’t want to be stuck out in the woods with a dead battery or a blown starter like that guy.  To make it worse he wasn’t even smart enough to bring jumper cables!

NOTE: this post is pre-dated, as it was written but not posted in the mountains since there is no data connection.

Famous Wok

We don’t eat at the mall very often but whenever we do I eat at the Famous Wok. It’s nothing fancy, just your typical mall cafeteria style food joint. However, they have the best sesame chicken around and I don’t think they have a place anywhere else in Rochester. Tonight I learned their sweet BBQ pork is just as good.

Lunch For The Week

LunchesWe made our lunches for the week again today.  Yes, we label each day, which gives us an extra push not to forget them.

Rachel and I have been making our lunches on Sunday for about a month and a half now.  We make them for the whole week at once.  This was Ramit’s first tip in the save $1,000 in a month challenge.  We had been trying to bring our lunches for a while but it just wasn’t working out.  We always either forgot, didn’t have enough time for it or just didn’t feel like it.  Doing it all at once for the week has worked out great.  It actually saves us time because making 5 lunches at once only takes a few seconds more than making only one.

My favorite part of lunch this week?  The Nuts and Bolts.

I Love Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and BoltsSeriously, I do.

You’re probably thinking:

That’s really wierd

it’s not what you think.

“Nuts and Bolts” is the name given to a snack that I ate while growing up.  It’s really just Trail Mix, but a special recipe.  It’s a secret family recipe which my aunt spent years perfecting (or so the story goes).  The base is pretzels and Chex mix, after that you can add just about anything you want, but the sauce used will remain a secret.  My mother learned the recipe long ago and my wife now knows it too.

This year I got a ton of it for christmas, and the promise of 2 other batches whenever I ask for it… saweet!

My 2009

2008 for me was all about reduction, trimming the fat.  It was my best year yet.  I got rid of a lot of excess crap and simplified my life and fattened my wallet as a result. My biggest mistake, however, was I did not hold myself accountable for any goals because… I had none.

2009 will be different.  I’m starting this year by listing my goals and aspirations so that come December 31st I can measure my success (or lack thereof).

My Goal:

  • Volunteer at least 4 times
  • Quadruple the size of our Emergency Fund
  • Take a 3 – 4week vacation on the west coast
  • Buy a DSLR
  • Win at least one photo contest
  • Sell at least one photo
  • Reduce my wardrobe by 25%
  • See at least 25 sunsets and 25 sunrises
  • Complete and release Mivity
  • Work out at least 3 times per week for 30minutes at a time
  • Finish the 1st floor of the house

Some of these are an extension of what I began last year.  Others are brand new.  I’m sure others will present themselves during the year.