The Passion of Ben

Watching anyone that is passionate about what they’re doing is both exciting and rewarding.

At the last minute Rachel and I were able to get Tickets to the Ben Folds Show at the Waterstreet Music Hall last week.  During the show it became clear that Ben thoroughly enjoys his music and his shows.  He played some of the most energetic piano for over 2 hours and when he finally went off stage he shook his hands and you could tell he was exhausted.  Even so, as all bands do, he came back for an encore and rocked the house again.

Needless to say the show was incredible.  Everything was amazing from the opener, a band I’d not previously heard of called “Jukebox the Ghost“, to “The midnight Ramblers” (an acappella group from The University of Rochester) to Julia Nunes (a famous ukalele YouTuber from Rochester NY).  The only music we really knew was the older stuff from Ben Folds Five but it didn’t really matter, The place was alive and it was a blast.

Unfortunately all I had with me was my iPhone camera so It was difficult to capture the moment with any clarity.

I’ll remember the show forever even without the pictures.  That’s what Passion does.

The End of the Line

I’ve been down in the Rochester Subway before and I find it very interesting.  I’ve also been taking the bus for almost 2 years and I find the public transportation system in Rochester severely lacking.  It’s sad that the subway was shut down instead of being expanded and becoming useful.

The following trailer  is for a documentary (titled “End of the Line”) on the Rochester subway.  There’s some interesting stuff about it in the trailer and I imagine there’s even more in the actual documentary.  I’m going to look into finding a copy I can watch at my library but if you’re interested you can get a copy from Animatus Studio.