Falling Brook – Moving In

Wow! Last weekend was an insanely hectic few days.� Not only was our daughter Delilah born but we also moved into a new house.� We’re finally settling back into normalcy, well… as normal as it can be with a 1week old baby and a new house.

Even though we had to move the closing date due to little miss Lilah’s early arrival we were fortunate enough to get the sellers to agree to an early possession.� 7am last Saturday I left Rachel and her mother at the hospital so I could get the move underway and so we could be all set by discharge time (which I convinced the nurses to do LATE in the day).

I did the final walk-through at 8am, picked up the 26′ U-Haul truck at 9 (no I’ve never driven something that big before) and we had the move under way by 10am.� At the new house a little after noon with the truck and my father’s snowmobile trailer fully loaded.� Completely unloaded by 1:30pm.� Not too shabby.

Couldn’t have possibly done it without all the help.� Thanks George, Dale, Brian, Ryan, Mike,Cory, Bill, Chris, Eric.

During the whole process I made the following time-lapse.� There are big gaps because well… I was busy.

18 thoughts on “Falling Brook – Moving In

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! Are those pictures at the end of your house after the move-in? If so you’re insane to get it that cleaned up that quickly!

    Looks really nice and cozy! Dawn and I wish you guys the best!


  2. I’d love to, but that’ll probably have to wait until next week at the earliest since this is a short week and we’re taking off this weekend for a 5 day retreat to Keuka Lake.


  3. hmm… I installed also this plugin, but it ‘s not working for me… it says

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    Can you help me??


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