One Year Later

Almost exactly a year later, we were at Perinton park again. Only this time, not only did we not have the Oregon Onesie with us, it won’t even fit our daughter anymore.

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Hard to believe she’s almost a year old. Time pretty much flys by now.

Delilah Video Post

With the little one growing and exploring more and more every day videos are a ton of fun to watch and create now. ┬áThese are some of the ones I’ve made (all on my iPhone using iMovie) that sort of show her progression. I try to keep them short and to the point so they’re all under 1 minute (& most are under 30 seconds). The embedded Youtube player is a playlist, so I’ll keep adding to it as I upload more videos.

At the time of the creation of this post there are 6 videos to watch in the playlist.