Snowstorm in Fairport

Took a little walk with my Camera and MonoPod tonight.  It was my first time using a Monopod and it’s alright, but I couldn’t drag the shutter as much as I wanted to so I had to crank the ISO a bit more than I’d like for pictures like these.  Ahh well, turned out ok anyway.  Kinda fun to shoot too.

I love the snow and I love snow storms. They make Fairport so pretty.  Glad I took the time to go out even if it was for only a few minutes.

My First Flickr Meetup

Saturday I participated in my first Flickr meet up. It was a lot of fun. Myself and a group of 12 or so other photography hobbyists met up at Dinosaur BBQ in Downtown Rochester for a hearty lunch. Then we were off to explore the Abandoned Subway. If you don’t know anything about the subway I suggest checking out the RocWiki Page and reading up a bit. It’s actually quite interesting and may become a part of downtown Rochester again soon.

The slideshow below showcases all the photos the participants have shared. These are not only my photographs, they are the photographs taken by all participants of the event.
NOTE: If you cannot see the above slideshow please view the original post or view the slideshow directly.

The Universe is wider than our views of it

Moon over ChurchThis Past Tuesday I was at work much later than usual. In fact this has been happening more often than I’d really like. Normally when I Leave its still very bright outside but lately Its been dusk or even dark by the time I leave. However; This has presented me with some unique opportunities.

I’m pretty sure its well known that I enjoy taking photos. I have been meaning to go downtown after dark or at dusk to get some great shots but have yet to do so because Court Street Bridge and Dinosaur Barbequeonce I get home I like to stay there. This week after work I took a few walks around snapping some shots. I’ll be taking my H5 soon so I can do some long-exposures.

Today I went to Dinosaur Barbeque for dinner with my long time friends Charles and Jason and his new(ish) wife Murray who both happen to be in town this week. It was good to see them both and great to finally meet Murray.